Tyler Childers: Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?

Tyler Childers’ “Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?”, released September 30, 2022, is an exceptional gospel music project that showcases Childers’ raw talent and versatility as a musician. The collaboration with his touring band, The Food Stamps, is flawlessly executed, with each song containing three different versions that showcase different styles and sounds. The “Joyful Noise” versions, which incorporate remixes and sampling, are particularly outstanding, and the influences of soul music and Dixieland jazz make for an incredibly unique listening experience. With standout covers of Hank Williams’ “Old Country Church” and a re-recording of “Purgatory,” this album is a must-listen for fans of gospel music and country alike. All in all, Childers’ latest effort is a true masterpiece that highlights his range as an artist and the depth of his musical vision.